Profiting From Radio Sales

You Will Profit From Your Unsold Air Time With ABS

ABS provides your radio station with a no-risk, minimum effort, high-reward proposition: Allow us to sell your otherwise unsold air time. In return, you will have the opportunity to earn $2,000-$80,000 or more in extra revenue, increase your station’s name recognition, obtain a list of future leads, and align your station with timely community awareness themes such as anti-drunk driving, anti-drug abuse, child safety, blood donation, missing children and saluting veterans.

You Will Benefit From The Professionals At ABS

Once you have contracted with ABS, our experienced staff will begin to prepare a sales campaign that is tailor-made to your market and your specifications. While being sure to honor your restricted accounts, we will reach many businesses in your area that normally would not consider radio advertising. Unlike other telemarketing firms, our aggressive management staff monitors the progress of your campaign, adjusting sales strategies to assure you the most complete and successful effort possible.

Canvassing begins in one or more of our three sales divisions. Sales Reps are hand picked for your market to assure compatibility of market and selling style. Our Reps read custom 30 second announcements to potential sponsors, including a short promo of their business as a concerned community supporter.

Our expert Verification Department solidifies the sale and thanks them again for their support. The spots are logged into our advanced computer system according to your avails, and lastly, the order will go to our Copywriting/Editing Department where a customized script is prepared.

You’ll Increase Your Cash Flow Year-Long With ABS

As you’ll see, ABS does all the work and pays all of the expenses. Your only job is to see that the spots are aired! What is the cost to your radio station? NOTHING!

ABS allows the sponsors thirty days credit from the date of their last announcement. Once the money starts flowing, you will then receive checks every two weeks. What’s more, ABS staffs a complete in-house Collection Department which continues to collect delinquent accounts indefinitely. Their professional efforts don’t stop until we are at maximum collectibility.

You’ll Make The Right Telemarketing Choice With ABS

ABS contracts with radio stations from New York to California, Maine to the U.S. Virgin Islands, Hawaii and everywhere in between.

Our success is due not only to our skills and expertise, but also to our adherence to a strict code of ethics. Here are just a few of the guidelines we follow at ABS.

  • We charge the lowest mark-up in the industry. The lower the mark-up, the lower the selling price, thus higher sales and greater profits to you!
  • Once you sign on with ABS, we do not work with any other station in your area. Your station will always have the right of first refusal on all future campaigns.
  • ABS believes in the “aggressive soft-sell” approach. With ABS, we don’t pressure the customer until he buys or hangs up. Even those who don’t participate are thanked for their time and gently reminded of your station’s call letters at the close.

Get started today. You can submit your station’s information via our website 24/7 by clicking the button below. Or, feel free to contact us at 800-358-9898 with questions.